A peculiar woman doing peculiar things. New act 2019. Check out all updated material here at Shows --> Lady Fantasy. [embed][/embed]

New act 'Lady Fantasy' is on the way to its end. First show: 16 of November (Andalucia) - stay tuned for updated material and video promo....

Last photoshop in Athens 04/18 with photographer George Krik, updated photo material in all sections!...

5 & 6 of May! All info at event:

April 1rst. Î’eginners 11.00-14.00. Advanced: 16.00-19.00. More info and details

Performance in Argentina. Unicycle LED act 'Primavera' 2018.

First performance of LED accordion Unicycle, Argentina. December 2017. Juggling Convention of Rio Cuarto