Worldwide hoop instructor

Private classes and intensive courses

Circus teacher for kids

Available workshops:


1) Circus inspired

Technical circus style & multi-hooping techniques. Performance Tips and creation of routines.
(workshop since 2013)


2) Hula-Hoop tricks and porstures

Floor moves & sequence, on-body & off-body tricks.


3) NEW: Musicality, Performance & Play

Funny ways to come closer to all goals in performance, circus & Flow using Music, Rhythm & Games.

Given in Stockholm, Madrid, Barcelona, Chile & Argentina throughout 2017 and 2018 (workshop since 2017 -NEW).


4) Multi-Tasking

The ability of managing more than one discipline at the same time. Ideal for performers of any kind.


5) Unicycle basics!

Eleni travels and spreads her knowledge all around the world.

Intensive courses & private classes so far in Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Argentina & Chile.

Hula hoop conventions & Circus festivals:

  • Paris, France (2015): ‘Rendev-Hoop’ hula hoop convention
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil (2016): Hula hoop meeting
  • Barcelona, Spain (2017 & 2018): ‘Sinergia’ hula hoop convention